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Dutch Tug of War Championship Outdoor 2024

20-21 June 2024

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Dutch Tug of War Championship Outdoor 2024 13-06-2024

It's almost here! On June 21st and 22nd, the Dutch National Tug of War Championship will take place in Zoeterwoude. Over these two days, the national tug of war elite will gather to compete for the Dutch titles. This event promises to be full of excitement and spectacle. You don't want to miss it!

For two days, competitions will be held in various weight classes, and the grounds will be buzzing with energy as teams prepare for the most epic showdown of their lives. The tension is palpable, adrenaline is flowing, and competitive spirits are at their peak.

With tight ropes, trained muscles, and strategic tactics, teams will take on the challenge, determined to give their all for the coveted prizes. Every moment is charged with excitement, and each match is a true test of strength, teamwork, and perseverance.

So come along or join our livestream, get swept up in the sportsmanship, and experience the raw power and unforgettable moments of the Dutch National Tug of War Championship. It promises to be a weekend full of excitement, sensation, and heroic performances!

International tournament TTV Eibergen 10 &11 May 2024 02-05-2024

The 50th anniversary of TTV Eibergen will be celebrated with the Countus International Tug of War Championship. This unique event coincides with the Eurovision Song Contest on the Ascension Day weekend of May 10 & 11, 2024, and will be a grand event where tug of war enthusiasts from all over Europe will come together to compete. It promises to be a weekend full of excitement, sportsmanship, and camaraderie with a high level of tug of war.

While the annual European song contest takes place in Malmö, European top-level tug of war athletes will compete in an exciting championship in Eibergen on the grounds of TTV Eibergen at 't Wievenveld. With the support of entrepreneurial Berkelland, preparations are already in full swing, and the venue will gradually be prepared to accommodate more than 750 tug of war participants. With the participation of 158 European top teams from 9 different countries, this tournament promises to be a spectacular experience for both participants and spectators. Teams from home and abroad will test their skills and strength in this ancient and pure sport of tug of war. In the tug of war world, such an event is known for its combination of sportsmanship, competition, and friendliness; it's a special experience to be part of!

Teams from Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Belgium, and of course the Netherlands will arrive in Eibergen on Ascension Day, May 9th. The tug of war tournament will begin on Friday, May 10th, in the morning with the men's 600 kg, women's 520 kg, and in the afternoon the men's 700 kg and the juniors under 23. On Saturday, May 11th, the schedule includes: mixed class 580 kg (mix of 4 men and 4 women), youth under 19, and in the afternoon the mixed class under 23 and the king class of tug of war, men's 640 kg. On Sunday, May 12th, the teams will leave Eibergen.

Central to the international tournament is, of course, tug of war with exciting competitions, although ample attention is paid to the necessary conditions to make it a pleasant event. One can find enjoyment and entertainment around the field with various dining options, places for a drink, a children's playground, and music. The Countus International Tug of War Championship of TTV Eibergen is more than just a sporting event; it's a family-friendly and entertaining experience for everyone!

World Indoor Championship Helsingborg 8-11 February 2024 30-01-2024

Over 600 tug-of-war competitors will gather in Helsingborg from February 8th to 11th for the Indoor Tug-of-War World Championships. Sweden is hosting the event for the first time, featuring youth, women's, and men's teams. The competition includes an Open event on February 8-9 and the World Championships on February 10-11, with 19 participating countries. Matches run continuously on five arena lanes, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Teams, including the USA, China, and others, will compete. David Lilja, a Swedish team member, emphasizes their unity and preparation. The competitions start at 09:00 each day and continue until around 16:00. Interviews with team members are available on Wednesday before the event or during the competition, with different weight classes competing at different times.

Tug of War TV 25-02-2023

During the World Outdoor Championships in Holten, Netherlands, September 2022, the Livestream team for the event was build up by volunteers of the Netherlands and they did a good job of streaming during the event. The main persons of the team were so enthusiastic about the Livestream and made plans for the future, covering more (or all) events for TWIF.

In the meantime they also developed a platform where the Livestream and other important news can be shared. The platform Tug of War TV will go live during the World Indoor Championships in Parkgate, March 2023. It will give Tug of War a media boost and also we are not longer dependent of commercial streaming companies. Also using our own channel, will give us our own music rights in stead of relying on Youtube that sometimes blocks the music.

I think it will be a next step forward in the goals of TWIF and Tug of War in general, to promote our sport as much, often and as good as we can.

Maaike Hornstra
TWIF Secretary General/Chairwoman PR Committee TWIF